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drrty spot

drrty spot
Sorry about the overall softness of the image, my AF was obviously tracking due to that dirty mess on camera right.

Me and a few like minded photographers rented a local studio on Sunday (Steak & BJ Day) to teach ourselves a bit about lighting an inside space, portraiture, and just sharing ideas and gear.

Though what’s a poor group of awkward, hide-behind-the-lens, types supposed to do for subject matter? Thankfully Rockilily Burlesque answered! (Ms. Audrey Hipturn and Ms. Koston Kreme pictured).

I’ll also say I was able to walk-away without any serious gear envy – one guy had a 5DMKII and an 85mm f/1.2 lens… and yes, I would very much like to HAVE both. But I wasn’t “gotta have it” about them.

Of course, I’m not sure I can say the same for the other boys. We’ll likely have a flickr pool setup for our collective works of the day, but for now you can check out David’s stuff here.

If you want some technical info on this shot it’s a bit of a strobist cocktail. I think, here, we had a single Ranger Quadra, unmodified, pointing at the background at camera left and Ren’s ebay special strobe optically slaved camera right. For the subject we threw in two 580exII’s, PW’d (triggering the optical slaves on the bigger strobes), on the left a 60″ shoot-through umbrella, and on the right a 24″ Ezybox… not exactly the cleanest setup but it was really a day of work with what you got.

Update: There’s a time-lapse of our day here.

5 thoughts on “drrty spot

  1. Laszlo says:

    haha, great accidental shot 🙂

  2. Calusarus says:

    The result is nice, and dynamic. i like it a lot

  3. Mental note. Next time, don't leave before the burlesque girls show up.

  4. faisal says:

    seems like youve been having some fun! Rock on!

  5. grapf says:

    sexy and funny at the same time, really cool shot! 🙂