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Fight for the Cure

Fight for the Cure
I had the privilege to attend one of the cooler high-end fund-raisers I have been to: Fight for the Cure. Despite owning a, technically, “sports” camera, I’ve never actually gone and shot any with it. So I volunteered and took many many photos – most of which didn’t even come close to turning out. I shot manual the whole time but even at ISO1200 my shutter speed was stuck at about 1/320th wide-open at f/2.8… I suppose I could have gone up a third of a stop on ISO1600 but I’m never happy with those photos either. Maybe I hit a sweet spot though, fast enough to freeze some action, but blur those fierce punches.

It was exciting, and much like in concert photography, I wore out my thighs pretty fast – they are SORE. You can also see more shots from the night by clicking here come back to the blog and let me know what you think in the comments.

On another note, I’ll be visiting my old home-town of Toronto from Thursday to Saturday… get in touch if you want to come out for a few pints!

4 thoughts on “Fight for the Cure

  1. Nicole says:

    Super shot, I love the face on the guy in red!

  2. Calusarus says:

    Impressive moment… Bad luck for the saturation on the red short…

  3. Langford says:

    I checked out all the shots. Looks like they ALL turned out. Great clarity in most of em. I think I prefer your people photography.

  4. Erinn says:

    I think these settings work just fine. I think you captured the moment quite nicely.