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Did a few portraits for George here. He’s been top of his game for this stage in life and has spent some good time working on his Harley.

He lives out in the country(ish) with his wife (who you can see keeping the hog safe here), so asked for a more urban/grunge setting for this photograph.

I’ll tell you, lighting that thing (tank and all) wasn’t completely easy, you can definitely see the reflection of my octa in it, but that could be *any* reflection really, if you think about it, so I didn’t sweat it as a detail. You can see one of my rim lights at back didn’t trigger (CURSES!) using the Rogue ROGUEGRID 3-In-1 Stacking Honeycomb Grid Which I found helps me use my strobes quickly & efficiently as back-lights. I used one of these in the last, foodieprints post too.

I actually shot this image as a Pano (3 images stitched together) to give me a lot of latitude to crop down on the scene, one of those crops you can see on 500px too.

I have a few more projects that I should be able to show off soon, including a cover photo for a magazine with a dragon, some cool new products from DNA11 & Canvaspop, and maybe a few surprises in-between. TTYL.

5 thoughts on “George

  1. I believe the lighting wasn't easy, but I like what you accomplished with the shiny motorbike and (its owner) up against the darker background. Especially the look of George is great. He feels very secure and grounded

  2. Calusarus says:

    Very nice lighting on this portrait

  3. Greg says:

    Always enjoy seeing the setup as much as the actual shot. The cropped version at 500px looks great.

  4. Anonymous Tip says:

    I heard I should come here for great food photos?

  5. Sorry to disappoint "anonymous" even though I'd love the chance to try it out – maybe they meant "foodie" photographs, as my previous post was a portrait of local Foodies?