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Got Crabs?

Got Crabs?
One of my favourite features of my backyard are the flowers that come up on my crab-apple tree; flowers are cool – cliche’s be damned.

6 thoughts on “Got Crabs?

  1. christina says:

    I already told you but I still think the colours are really pretty. I will not comment on your photos sexual orientation today.

  2. Brad says:

    Everyone jump on the flower picture bandwagon

  3. faith says:

    haha ha ha ha thanks christina!!! JVL… flowers are also boring and don't belong on my desktop. but i like the background… and the colour is really sharp… so was your moms no-no last night. meow.

  4. Lovely flowers, nice image!

  5. Ian says:

    Really nice.. Love the colour & depth of field here..

  6. Wounderful colors!