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Busy busy week this week – heatwave or no – I’m photographing a wedding on Saturday which really means a week of build-up, double checking, lists, and extra batteries & memory cards. You HAVE to have backups for this sort of thing. A wedding only happens once… and it only takes one loose end, one […]

So not like me to post a bunch of flower macro photos. Weird, though, I can’t seem to take macro’s of much of anything else. Getting in this close is a whole other level of perception, one that I’m not as in tune to. You gotta see, explore, even more. Flowers are obvious targets – […]

I’m completely looking forward to this summer. I’ve got a lot of great new photographic toys tools that’ll help me get some unique shots that, I hope, will be good too. I’m likely to make many more mistakes than I am to make portfolio pieces, but I’m going to have a blast making every screwed […]

Everyone says this but this week has definitely been the case; I need more time. A lot of it is the results of needs to do: I need to take care of Quinn when he’s sick; I need to make sure Mel doesn’t do too much when she’s dislocated 4 of her ribs while pregnant; […]

I took some time to play with my 100mm macro this weekend. Took it into my mom’s garden which has no shortage of subjects, of course, I prefer the more abstract images of flowers whereas she likes everything in focus: a true representation of the plant.

I had this urge to take REALLY REALLY close pictures of things, and I got it into my head that I needed (wanted) a macro lens. Then I remembered that the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L has just such a feature! Not only did it save me cash, but it saved my life lest another package […]

Has anyone else seen that WastedPhotos has been offering up PSD files on how he got the look? I think that’s pretty cool – I’m often curious as to how an image is processed, figuring out methods or new techniques to achieve a certain look.

I either:• A. don’t know how to focus my camera, AND don’t know how to properly spell shades of purple or• B. don’t care. Photo processed entirely in Photoshop CS3 Camera Raw, with some sharpening

Here’s a Hydrangea my mom gave me a few years ago, she all but told me that it would never bloom. Then it had one flower-head last year, and she said it was a fluke and that it wasn’t going to happen all the time so I should get used to it.Then came this year, […]

One of my favourite features of my backyard are the flowers that come up on my crab-apple tree; flowers are cool – cliche’s be damned.