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Here’s a Hydrangea my mom gave me a few years ago, she all but told me that it would never bloom. Then it had one flower-head last year, and she said it was a fluke and that it wasn’t going to happen all the time so I should get used to it.
Then came this year, and there’s almost a dozen heads on this tiny plant growing in my front lawn.
Yeah, so eat that mom!

P.S. the lack of exif is because this was processed HDR through Photoshop.

2 thoughts on “Hydrangea

  1. christina says:

    im not sure why you did this in HDR, but it looks pretty.

  2. Kathleen says:

    don't care how you did it – i think its beautiful, mind you im sure the real things is better. leave your mom alone, shes a nice lady 🙂