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Needs Time

Needs Time
Everyone says this but this week has definitely been the case; I need more time.

A lot of it is the results of needs to do: I need to take care of Quinn when he’s sick; I need to make sure Mel doesn’t do too much when she’s dislocated 4 of her ribs while pregnant; I need to work and make a living to keep feeding the people of the house and possibly to buy more random shit – but when these all happen simultaneously something gives.

As always, the ‘wants’ creep into your life too, and they are sometimes oh-so-easier to do, often, like reading a couple strobist entries or trying to find the time to download David’s new book (then read it), than it is to sleep, or write one more article for work or send that special “thank you” letter to everyone I owe it to…

2 thoughts on “Needs Time

  1. Calusarus says:

    What impressive details we can see on this macro !

  2. Lou says:

    Bah, I hear you there… There's never enough time in the day to do what you NEED to do and WANT to do.

    By the way, I saw your interview on Petapixel, and as such thought I'd check out your blog, and subscribed. Very good stuff indeed. 😀