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A colour we won’t be seeing for a while.

After yesterday’s embarrassment I took a little more time in selecting my image today, I likened the posting of the same image twice (re-cropped or no) to the photoblog equivalent of incest. Thankfully I received little flogging in response to this, though it is, respectfully, some people’s opinions that, through the reposting of *similar* images, one may receive feedback and improve your work accordingly.
I personally believe that I need to challenge myself not just in composition, but in selection as well; if I’ve got three shots of essentially the same thing which, if any, is the best?

I’ll be in Ottawa this weekend, so I hope to meet some cool people if they’re willing.

8 thoughts on “green

  1. Brad says:

    Keep your hands off of my internet girlfriend this weekend.

  2. steve says:

    Cool people in Ottawa? Where? When did they get here? Are they going to be here a while? What will us normal people do while they are here. Who told you there were cool people in Ottawa? Never heard of any.

    Posting the same photo twice was a nice touch JVL. I liked yesterday's the best because it was nice.

    As for meeting people in Ottawa while you are here. We'll just have to see if we bump into each other. How comfortable are you skating around with your DSLR around your neck?

  3. steve says:

    Oh, on this photo. I do like the green and pink together. Nice DOF, I prsonally would have cloned out some of the other branches that muddy the frame. But that is just me. I am on a kick to touch up my photos for elements that I could not have otherwise gotten around in the shooting of the shot. It's all debatable though. So let's debate!

  4. JVL says:

    I've been trying to follow the "thinsite" school of minimally invasive editing. For me, focusing on taking the photo and photography generally, will help me in all this, then photoshop can be there to accentuate.

  5. April says:

    I'm delighted by this picture — it is a welcome burst of color on your site, and a lovely change of subject as well. The flowres look so delicate. Good selection!

  6. Michael says:

    Great shot, this: nice and sharp, good colour and contrast and lovely bokeh (woo hoo, got to use the word "bokeh"…). Have a Guinness and look at the pretty flowers.

  7. xtina says:

    i forgot to tell you today that i really like this one.

  8. Intern says:

    what a lovely shot. excellent colors too. love it.