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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun
I need to start going on longer and heavier walks to *train* for my trip in June. I can’t expect to huff my gear half way across Iceland by bus and foot without putting a little pre-effort into myself.
I could see myself getting to Iceland, ready to go with my big Arcteryx pack and my Crumpler camera bag (of equal weight) over my shoulders, I take several steps forward and… Collapse, unable to breathe due to the weakened state of my office-conditioned body.

No way I tell’s ya!

2 thoughts on “Midnight Sun

  1. April says:

    Iceland in June? How nice! My cousin was once snowed in with Bjork in Iceland. They played a few boardgames together… In June I'll be in Copenhagen visiting that same cousin…

  2. david little says:

    The shot is simply grand…other than birds of prey…large white pine on the landscape are one of my favourite things ..imprinting their own asymmetrical presence on the horizon…nice work