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I borrowed a rebel xt this weekend since the broken hand isn’t conducive to my normal setup (1DMKII w/ 24-70mm lens). It was a nice reprieve from the weight, but that’s the only thing I liked – I don’t miss the XT at all, changing ISO through a menu system, poor metering, and lazy autofocus kinda bummed me out and had me missing my own gear.

These inukshuk’s and rock sculptures are at a point close to my home along the Ottawa River, a local artists puts them up – he’s even been given his own little plaque by the city. While there I noticed some kids taking apart one of the sculptures and throwing the rocks into the water, the artist was there and he approached the girls father to tell him that what the girls were chucking in the water was a sculpture. Aggressively, the father told the artist to get out of his face. He’s not paid to do this, this is just what he does. But it’s not like anyone would be paying any mind to this insignificant section of the river if it wasn’t for his art – so how about a bit of respect?

3 thoughts on “Inukshuk

  1. Calusarus says:

    Very interesting sculpture. And a nice light. And the vignetting is not a problem at all.

  2. Great composition and especially nice with the movement and reflections in the water!

  3. Justin Sperry says:

    WTF is up with your exif data? These sculptures remind me of the cover art of RUSH's Test for Echo album. Maybe that cover was inspired by this art.