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Saturday I had a great photoshoot with The Adopted on top of a roof in downtown Ottawa in advance of their new video. I had a few extra strobes with me this time learning from our last photo-shoot that two flashes on E-TTL ain’t enough. Though three is still kinda pushing it – I think I was able to get some decent results: there are more here if you want to have a look.

Things I would have done differently? More light – twice as much. which would also mean twice as many PW’s (first time I used the miniTT1 transmitter too and yes, the 430ex will DESTROY your RS so I’m looking to sell that now if anyone’s interested) and twice as many batteries (maybe twice as many CP-E4 battery packs too)… this is all just to POWER, and TRIGGER, my lights. I’m not even talking light-shaping of which I did none of. For lack of sandbags on the rooftop I forewent any softboxes or umbrella’s that could catch the wind. I probably would have had a hard time with them anyways given the spread of the group.

Definitely a great learning experience, a reason to add to my wish-list, and a good time all-around with a good group of guys. Hopefully they’ll still let me do it again 😉

One thought on “Jump

  1. Calusarus says:

    A tribute to Van Halen ?
    Congratulations for the light