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Onnie’s going in for some scary surgery today.

She’s strong and I doubt she’s even as scared about it as I am but she’ll be fine, I know because she has so many great friends.

See you soon Andrea!

3 thoughts on “Junglie

  1. P.J. says:

    Good shot, I like the photo collage up top.

  2. schmee says:

    i think perhaps the photo is too big for web. at first i thought it was all photo of photos meta style. i don't think the collage adds to real subject (andrea) and she's looking out of frame which is a little disorienting too. i think had you not tried to get the collage in the shot you might have framed her differently and this may have worked out better.

  3. christina says:

    hey… i have that photo frame. but there are no pictures in it yet. perhaps i should work on that. I hope the surgery goes well for your friend.