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Log Cabin: not a log or a cabin

Log Cabin: not a log or a cabin
I’ve been posting a lot of Black and White’s lately, which is probably the result of two things: 1 a black and white photo, IMHO, can save a normally uninteresting photo (or a poor quality one); digital noise, poor exposure etc.
The other reason could be that the colours are just dull right now, I’m not feeling them, I look at a shot and think “who cares what colour things are” purer subject, just you, me, and the photo.

This is the Log Cabin Restaurant just outside of Tweed
. It’s a regular stop for the Greyhound on the Toronto/Ottawa/Toronto run – it sucks at first but it grows on you after a while. I’ve even started to like their ice-cold roast beef sammiches.

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