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Month of May

Month of May
Okay, so let me see if I can give everyone an update via the blog (if anyone still visits this).

April – Moved to Ottawa, basically right into the Hospital, Mel was admitted on a Friday, and the following Friday Quinn was born (to thunderous applause).

The Monday after Quinn fell out I started work at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation; a fine group of people (of which I am one) trying to do the right thing for Cancer patients and survivors in Eastern Ontario. The most noticeable change for me is a 30 minute walk to work instead of a 2 hour commute on the TTC – and a smaller group where I’m the one with expertise (who knew!?)

Quinn being a Preemie (30 weeks 2 days) is to stay in the hospital until he’s doing well enough; which he mostly has been – we may get him home in as early as ten days!

Through all of this we got a new/old house – with lots of work needed. Despite being newly renovated a lot of the renovation was half-assed and we do lack certain pieces of key furniture (bed, couch, Dining table, Big Screen TV*). Neither of us drive, and we do spend every day with Quinn, so it’s a bit of juggling to get things done, but we’re managing with very few setbacks.

Leave me a comment or drop me an E-mail, I’ll get back to everyone in time, but my focus is, of course, the family.

*Just kidding Mel!

2 thoughts on “Month of May

  1. Josh says:

    I don't visit anymore. Hey… wait… shoot.

  2. kimberley says:

    ten days! that's great!