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Natalie Joy

Natalie Joy
We had ourselves another Photojam this past weekend. More folks showed up and lots of more fun was had [read: more booze consumed].

Same location, alley beside my house, it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids when they’re running around you. It’s a great way to shoot, experiment, drink, hang out with friends (new and old), without the burden of ditching your brood with your significant other for an evening while you live it up.

Of course we take fewer and fewer photos as the day goes on, but I think some quality stuff comes out of it – if not ideas. There’s learning involved in the best way I know how to teach: by doing.

This learning applies to me too, since I get to experiment with some portraiture techniques I wouldn’t normally feel confident pulling with a paying client, especially when I have to work fast.

The end result is a few ideas, implemented, that I can take with me the next time I have to shoot a client. So an afternoon and evening of wine & beer and photography will, ultimately, better serve my customters. That’s win:win kids.

You can see this photo a bit bigger over at flickr & check out our small, but mighty, group there too.

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  1. faisal says:

    RED!!! 🙂