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Old Le

Old Le
I think parenthood means you don’t get weekends – or evenings.

Every minute of free time Mel and I have is spent either going to the Hospital, spending time with Quinn, shopping for the house (an arduous weekly task that always ends in tragedy) and no super-fun computer time for JVL.

I wouldn’t trade it though; things are pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “Old Le

  1. RockThatGlass.613 says:

    JVL clam it down mang.. everything is sweet when coated in suger, its the way you look at the item you eat that determins the mood.

  2. Josh says:

    what's with the copyright watermark. you afraid someone was only going to steal this photo?

  3. JVL says:

    @ Josh – this is actually a lightroom output I did based on one of my presets – forgot to take off the copyright logo.