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Ottawa Editorial Portrait Photographer – Dylan Wykes – Team Canada Marathoner

Dylan Wykes - Team Canada Marathoner

The latest issue of iRun magazine should be out today featuring some work I did for Canadian Olympians Dylan Wykes and Michael Tayler (Michael, you’ve seen before).

Both were incredible subjects – there’s something about athletes that make them great for photography. Likely their fierce determination and resolve, but definitely their peak physical shape. While you always anticipate a human eliment, you never know what you’re walking into; some people are vain, rushed, or have a sense of importance that can really turn a shoot sour both Dylan & Michael were none of these. Dylan was so generous with his day that I ran out of ideas for shots before I ran out of time.

I packed fairly light for this shoot, opting for a single Ranger Quadra unit using the asymetrical dual ports (so two lights on one pack) which created a unique set of problems, one being the length of the cables as a limiting factor of a light setup. Just out of frame you’d see a strainging Assistant booming a softbox left while trying not to pull a gridded light on a stand at camera right… I may have also asked him to position himself awkwardly for the shot above.

Thanks Quinn!

You can also see a larger version of the header image over on Flickr

One thought on “Ottawa Editorial Portrait Photographer – Dylan Wykes – Team Canada Marathoner

  1. Mitch C. says:

    Like I commented on this one pic over on Flickr…great shot. I love this spot for its lines and architecture. Nice that you have an understanding strobewalla to assist you. Sounds like you would need a Tesla ball to energize those lights… You ran out of ideas?? Getting old dude. 😉