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Adorkable Undies

Adorkable Undies

I love it when a plan comes together.

I worked with Nadine early last year, hers

was my first planned composite family portrait outside of my own kids. This paved the way for an even more planned out shoot when

she approached me to re-launch her blog “Adorkable Undies” to keep focused on her work in sexual education and discussion (the

later being the open part – keeping it open helps us all break the taboo’s of dirty terrible sex).

The tag-line in her re-launch was the obvious theme for the shoot “Keep your pants off!” Now, knowing Nadine, I knew we could

do the pantsless shoot, but I didn’t want to take it so far to be something like a boudoir shoot (many of which I see as failed

attempts at portraying sexyness and sexuality), and play a bit more with her fun-loving theatre side. They would be pin-up in

style, but modern, and clean fun – no nipples.

I brought the talented Catalina Bloch on-board to style the first day of shots. A welcome departure from her lace balloons and other crazy photo-stylist doings; she got

to mess up Nadine’s kitchen. We then moved up to the bedroom (heh) which was bathed in soft natural light, which I tried to

replicate in the “daytime” blogging from bed shot.

While I had planned for the In Bed at Night blogging shot, the actual arrangement of how I produced the lighting was a bit of a

happy accident from the hair-light and computer light used to light her face in the daytime shot. All we had to do was turn off

our two huge octa-boxes at camera left & right and we had night (even though it was actually around 1pm)

We needed a sunny day for the lawn shoot, so I came back one warm Friday morning and we knocked this one out just the two of

us. At one point I tried to get her to suck on some popsicles but, uh… well we won’t show those.

I’d love to hear what you think! Sound off in the comments about which image is your favourite and maybe a few thoughts on how

you would have spun off this idea for even more pantless photoshoots.
You can also see all the above images larger over on flickr.

3 thoughts on “Adorkable Undies

  1. These are fun and I really like the whole idea. My favorite is most definitely the kitchen pic.

  2. Younes says:

    Awesome series, man. I think you should work with Nadine more often, she definitely brings out the best in you 😉

  3. Nadine says:

    I knew you'd do a great job, but these were even better than I could have hoped for! Thank you. 🙂