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Ottawa Interior Photographer – New Edinburgh Home by Grassroots

Ottawa Interior Photographer - New Edinburgh by Grassroots - JVLphoto

My second interior design shoot with Emma from Grassroots Design & Build was another caring project that helped incorporate the age of the home and function of the space with a small three-person family. Like the last shoot, Grassroots stuck with the original space, only removing an obstructing centre unit that kept the kitchen cramped with little counter-space.

Ottawa Interior Photographer - Grassroots New Edinburgh

The interior design and build was restricted to the kitchen, some of the dining room, and the master bathroom. I loved the simple, yet sophisticated, details that were incorporated into the kitchen, like the deep blue for the cabinets contrasting with the classic white subway tile. Even the fixtures have a classic aged look to them.

Ottawa Interior Photographer - Grassroots Design New Edinburgh

The master bathroom takes up a corner of the house and it was a challenge to photograph to make sure the double-sink could be seen (or at least implied) while showing off the lovely antique bathtub and spacious walk-in shower. It was impossible to avoid my own reflection in all the curved polished chrome, so it took some detailed Photoshop work to minimize my impact on the scene. I should also note that the above image is a 3 image panoramic stitch; three images shot side by side and later combined in Photoshop.

It’s a technique I, and other, architectural interior photographers use. It takes more time to produce and can cause quite a few headaches in post-processing (those hexagonal tiles were particularly difficult to match-up). I like the “look” it gives vs. an ultra wide-angle lens which would severely distort the edges, elongating the edges of the frame disproportionately to the true dimensions of the fixtures. Personally, I like the final results and the added effort is worth it to properly convey my client’s hard design work.

Ottawa Interior Photographer - Grassroots Design New Edinburgh

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