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Parliamental Rift

Parliamental Rift
Apparently the old Viking parliament of Iceland used to meet here, this was their spot, and the lawspeaker would speak on the law stone… or the speaking stone… or the conch or whatever.

This is also the place where the North American and Eurasian continents meet… or split – geography’s all very confusing, but anyway that’s what the cliff is, part of the Atlantic Ridge; the only place where it rises above sea level.

Around the corner from this? The drowning pool. It’s where they drowned women guilty of adultery or other sins, like failing to make an adequate sandwich.

One thought on “Parliamental Rift

  1. faith says:

    oh i really dig whatever inward warping effect you did to this one. nice touch. i also like how the colours all compliment each other. and how creepy it is. and how creepy you are. and how in love i am with you…