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Iceland is basically a giant pasture for grazing animals (sheep mostly). The unique landscape affords some mountainous hikes, and it’s not uncommon to see a farm built right up into a cliff, with half-barn have caves. Sadly, many of the more photogenic locales I passed by on the bus (Like the abandoned barn & Silo directly in a cliff with long waterfall beside and full letter graffiti on the building – DAMN!), and couldn’t photograph – or wouldn’t, I’m not a fan of sticking my camera at a window and shooting incessantly.

P.S. this is a multi bracketed shot and was processed as HDR to try and capture the cliffs since the sun was “setting” just behind the mountain.

4 thoughts on “Pasture

  1. April says:

    Great job piecing this one together. I can see why the scene caught your eye.

  2. lasiate says:

    l'effet sur la montagne est superne mais beaucoup moins sur le ciel , je trouve

  3. Wow. I'm not sure what all that stuff in the P.S. meant, but this picture is wicked!

  4. edie says:

    This is so so amazing! I want to frame it. I think i need to.