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I was invited to the launch party of Spacing Ottawa on Wednesday. Spacing is an urban space magazine, or at least that’s how I like to label it; they talk about cities, the suburbs, how we interact with them and potentially good and bad ideas that occur within them.

They have blogs in Atlantic Canada, Toronto, BC, and this was the Ottawa launch. All of these daily blogs feed up to the thrice yearly Spacing Magazine (winner of 2007-2008 Canadian Small Magazine of the Year) which can be delivered to your mailbox or available at your fine local retailer.

Spacing got in touch with me for a couple of reasons: One, they wanted to use this image for their launch flyer (wheee!) and they need someone who can contribute photos of urban Ottawa.

Since the Mag and Toronto blog see contributions from legendary photo-bloggers DDOI and Mute, I couldn’t say no to such fine company!

Keep an eye on out their blog for my stuff, but of course you’ll still get the straight goods right here – as often as I can.


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