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Sterling Lynch – Revisited

Sterling Lynch - Revisited
Almost exactly a year ago I entered into a mutual contract with my friend Sterling; I take pictures of him in order to learn my trade, and he have the patience to let me fuck up a few times. This year, we revisited this on the same premise with a single caveat – he now owes me some beer.

for some insight into a depraved mind, fair warning, he talks a lot about theatre, in many many many sentences.

Note: also fair warning – he’s still single

Also note, inspiration for this image came from the GREAT Zack Arias.

3 thoughts on “Sterling Lynch – Revisited

  1. mykl says:

    He truly is a man of many limbs.

  2. Cool pic! Although I don't remember the beer caveat though …

  3. Calusarus says:

    An interesting lighting