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Another snapshot from Erinn’s wedding. One thing I’ll have to keep an eye out on, for my own couples, when shooting weddings I’m paid there to do, is going to be to take a small amount of time away from the safety shots – the gimme’s. What I need to do is get the portrait, […]

Erinn & Meera got Married this weekend… Erinn’s the eyes beyind Urban Nation and is a big fan of film photography. Meera, his lovely bride, puts up with his hobby like all our significant others’ do. I was not the photographer for this event which was a nice change. I got to sit back, relax, […]

Psyche! I totally took a better photo than yesterday’s post. I think this is it. It probably would have been cooler if I had managed to slap a polarizing filter on the lens though – really darken the sky and bring out the cool cloud detail. Still – I got this one printed up nice […]

Shooting Raissa & Adam’s wedding last year taught me a few very valuable lessons about wedding photography. One of them is to take a lot of shots – there were probably a dozen of this grouping – and this is the best. You’ll notice it’s far from perfect. Realistically I should have taken, maybe, double […]

Last night was an AWESOME wedding with Raissa (the Rza) and her lovely man-bride Adam. We set up a bit of a photobooth with some white seamless and 3 strobes and made a go at taking some fun picks with her and her guestsThey threw a wicked party, ran the whole show on time if […]

This photo is an example of a good crop (or so I believe). Composition is truly one of my greatest hurdles in photography – I have the technology down, and while I’m not the best photoshopper, I certainly can get by. It’s framing that shot, in a valuable few seconds that truly eludes me – […]