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Mrs Spotomatic

Mrs Spotomatic
Erinn & Meera got Married this weekend… Erinn’s the eyes beyind Urban Nation and is a big fan of film photography. Meera, his lovely bride, puts up with his hobby like all our significant others’ do.

I was not the photographer for this event which was a nice change. I got to sit back, relax, actually enjoy the ceremony. Sure, I took a few shots – including this one – but it wasn’t the flurry of activity the guys paid to be there were into, nor was I one of the few dozen folks who bought or rented their first SLR for this wedding… I’d love to see how those shots turned out.

One thought on “Mrs Spotomatic

  1. angela says:

    the thing that strikes me right away…and may be just a total fluke…but i love the fact that you have captured different generations from the back of their heads. the litle boy…the older gentleman..the younger man…my eyes are drawn immediately to them, before the bride and groom. nice progression of ceremony and tradition.