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The one and only time I tried to skate on the Canal I fell on my ass so often I said I’d never go back – how could I possibly take photos at the same time as I fall on my SLR? Which makes me question having that SLR with me all the time. It’s […]

According to google analytics, not everyone who reads this blog is from Canada – so you may not know what a Beavertail is. Honestly they’re nothing crazy good; HOWEVER, if you are freezing your ass off in Ottawa in the winter, namely on the Canal, then they are god-sent warmth in the form of sugar […]

Sorry if you’re reading this in a feed – hopefully I haven’t blown your reader up. I wanted to show this shot WIDE because of all the great detail: A jogger running along the Rideau Canal, a couple out for a stroll, two people talking, one having laid down his bike and, dead-centre, a girl […]