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Try Again

Try Again
The one and only time I tried to skate on the Canal I fell on my ass so often I said I’d never go back – how could I possibly take photos at the same time as I fall on my SLR? Which makes me question having that SLR with me all the time.

It’s big, and there have been two times in the past week where I’ve been called out for having it “who you with?” “stop taking pictures” etc.

There are some sweet P&S’s on the market right now, the Canon G9 or G10 and especially the much coveted Panasonic DMC-LX3 (has anyone actually seen this thing in person?). Obviously the adage comes into play – The camera you take with you will take infinitely better pictures than the one you leave behind – and I do leave the 1D at home, especially in winter.

Though isn’t there something to be said about the control and quality of a SLR, it’s why I got one in the first place. Is a pocket camera, albeit a large and well regarded one, worthwhile? I’ve asked this before, but I’m less interested in WHAT camera you use than: if you have a SLR do you have a P&S as well? or a Holga, or that old Polaroid, or a Leica or whatever? Did you go big brand SLR and never go back?

One shout-out I neglected in my 600th post yesterday was Otaku Josh who once banned me from commenting on his site (because my comments were, and are, irreverent and often inappropriate) who was the only one to READ my updated “about” page and corrected my atrocious spelling. Well played sir.

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  1. Calusarus says:

    I like the compositionn and I hesitate between smile and emotion