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410 Canada

410 Canada
Didn’t do too much this weekend; Mel’s Grandmother passed away so we chilled and tried to do the things that would please her most, though very little could. I did jump at the chance to walk up to Dow’s Lake and check out Winterlude.
I forget, sometimes, that I don’t live where I used to and shit is different here. For one: There’s a seven kilometre canal come skating rink that everyone goes too, even the military. It just kinda blows my mind man.

4 thoughts on “410 Canada

  1. Calusarus says:

    Great details for this helicopter… The white sky is very impressive

  2. Brad says:

    Oh look — it's Canada's entire air defense!

  3. Sterling says:

    LOL @ Brad's comment. Literally. If Brad were there would of seen first hand where I tax dollars truly go. I think it only took about a half/hour for the old bird to lift off. It's time for some new machines. I only feel for the soldiers that have to man them. However I'm still facinated how it defies gravity. Super kewl to watch. Anyways, Back to the picture. It almost looks super imposed. I DIG IT!!!

  4. JVL says:

    @Brad it is
    @ Sterling it ain't