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Beavertailes at Dows

Beavertailes at Dows
According to google analytics, not everyone who reads this blog is from Canada – so you may not know what a Beavertail is. Honestly they’re nothing crazy good; HOWEVER, if you are freezing your ass off in Ottawa in the winter, namely on the Canal, then they are god-sent warmth in the form of sugar and fried awesome.
Flattened pastry with cinnamon and lemon (or that maple spread you can get at Timmies), or even with Nutella – along with an overpriced cider or hot chocolate it’s the perfect winter treat.

I hear they even had a kiosk at the Obama inauguration – so maybe if you were down south at that time you had a chance to feel the warmth of some beavertail.

Also, I can only hope that Brad can come up with some hilarious commentary about the name.

3 thoughts on “Beavertailes at Dows

  1. Brad says:

    Yeah I've got nothing..

  2. Moooo. I worked in one of those kiosks back in da day …

  3. So Avon, Colorado is the town that sits at the base of the valley that houses Beaver Creek Ski Area (something like 10 miles west of Vail). Anyhow, there is a liquor store called Beaver Liquors, a SCUBA shop called Beaver Divers and I think a lawn mowing service called Beaver Trimmers.