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Processed this sucker in the Lightroom 3 Beta, which I’m liking okay, but being a beta it’s got ups and downs. using the new tech is a definite plus, seen in this image, I’m using the new crop vignette effect and I’m liking it about a million times more than the LR2 post crop vignette; […]

Score! Finally got up to a Cottage this weekend. Free of any obligations other than to not let my kid drown (an obtainable goal to be sure). Took some time walking around with my camera in-hand, pointing it at the ground (see above photo), and the rest of it watching over Quinn, playing with him […]

Actually it’s a Honeysuckle leaf… I know you horticulturists were curious!

I went with a select group of individuals (guess who, guess!) to the Gatineau’s this past weekend hoping to catch some fall colours. While colour was present, I wouldn’t say it was really out in “full glory” – not a lot of splendour in beige-yellow trees. However, there were some good photos taken, a fantastic […]