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Processed this sucker in the Lightroom 3 Beta, which I’m liking okay, but being a beta it’s got ups and downs. using the new tech is a definite plus, seen in this image, I’m using the new crop vignette effect and I’m liking it about a million times more than the LR2 post crop vignette; you even get a choice on Highlight priority and colour priority where the darkness bleeds in or over depending on if you want the tonality of the corners to remain (tending to saturate the corners), or to keep the colours consistent (which could darken highlights unwontedly.

If you don’t already own lightroom, the Beta is an interesting way to try it out – it may not be as smooth as the final product – but it’s free for you to use until April 2010. You can download the trial here and give the developers your feedback on the forums. I use LR on maybe 90% of the images I post here… actually let me revise that, I use Lightroom on 100% of images here, I only go into Photoshop on 10% of them.

One setback I’m finding is that the technology of software is certainly surpassing the capabilities of my current machine, to the point that I often have to shut down periphery programs like iTunes, Firefox, and other random bits just so I can process in a hassle free environment… time to upgrade? Do you have 2-grand to spare?

2 thoughts on “Magenta

  1. faisal says:

    nice. i guess i should try out LR3 beta. love the colors in this man.

  2. Marie says:

    jolies couleurs et textures.