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Meech Lake

Meech Lake
Got a call from Younes this week, “wanna go shoot a sunrise?” Wake up at 5 AM, sub zero temps at the faint hope (failed hope) of getting one of those truly memorable mornings? What else was I going to do – Sleep?

The man’s a talent, visionary really, he gets sickly excited when he sees a rock coupled with some clouds and the faint tint of orange in the sky – he’s also defeated, utterly and personally when those perfect factors don’t take formation – guess that’s why he’s a bit of a nihilist.

Younes puts on workshops and gives private workshops in the Ottawa area (do private workshops come with a happy ending?) – worth every penny – it’ll teach you how to be a better photographer no matter what your intended “field” (I thought it was taking pictures of things, no?). You also get so see someone truly passionate in their art at work; it’s love in the very purest sense of the word.

3 thoughts on “Meech Lake

  1. faisal says:

    wow! great work here man.

  2. Who needs sleep when you can freeze your butt at ungodly hours?
    And thanks so much for the very kind words.

  3. calusarus says:

    This is a beautiful landscape