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I’ve always been a photographer whose style reflects his client’s needs. While I certainly put my own creative and technical spin on everything I do, it’s rare that I take the time to create images that are reflective of what I’m purely interested in. So, despite the popularity and praise I receive for my interior […]

It’s very rare that sitting at home, wishing you had more editorial photography assignments and portrait work, pays off. But that’s pretty much exactly what happened when the folks at Grocery Business Magazine contacted me to to photograph local entrepreneurs, co-owners of Kardish Health Food Centres, and brothers Carey and Robert Assaf. The creative agency, […]

It was my great pleasure to be assigned environmental portraits for Ottawa Magazine’s 2015 Eating & Drinking guide. For starters, I love incorporating subjects into their places of work or leisure and I take pride in carefully staging and lighting a scene. Secondly, I’m a big fan of eating. I wouldn’t say I’m a “foodie” […]

A few weeks ago I got a call from my good friends at MediaStyle to come photograph in their newly opened “IdeaSpace”; a creative hub that is available for special events and as a location studio if necessary. Since I don’t have a studio of my own, the ability to have a big and beautiful […]

Me & Quinn giving y’all a once over. Things have been pretty hectic around here this week, so please excuse the dust and lack of posts. I haven’t had time to write anything let alone take pictures. Mel’s due… like, now… so we’re basically sitting here watching to see if her belly pops like a […]

The park’s still technically closed, but that doesn’t stop people from playing around in the reservoir left behind by the snow runoff – which is kinda nasty – but hey, who am I to ruin a good time?

Tina’s awesome. She’s nearly always happy (as far as I can see) world travelled, nice and tall, and has her own catch-phrase. “Are you kidding me!?”

New-Girl from work; Kasandra. One thing I find about shooting with the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens is that it EATS light. That has something to do with the optics for it to be able to focus so close (see yesterday’s “Eye Spy” photo), so I find myself trying to shoot it wide-open (but at […]

In my ongoing “Bachelor” series I bring you Ryan. He’s a total dreamboat working with me at the foundation. That’s right ladies – good looking AND works to save lives. He’s a bit younger than me, actually the same age as my brother who I never see anymore, so I’ve adopted him as my baby-bro […]

I don’t think I have a set talent that I could perform comfortably in public. Unless you count witty banter and drop-dead good looks a talent (the ladies sure do!). I’m one of those guys that can *sort of* do everything I try, but none of it very well. The only thing that I am […]

Same ass as this shot


Who Runs Boarder Town? Master Blaster!

Months ago, Aaron, Xtina and I visited the Ron Mueck exhibition at the National Art Gallery. It was very interesting, but we were disappointed that we were not able to actually take any photos of the exhibit – especially when you notice the abundance of imagery on the net.

Andrew Knapp’s inspired me to play around with tones a helluva lot more this past little while. Edit: see B&W version here 4 Days