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Watchin U

Watchin U
Me & Quinn giving y’all a once over.

Things have been pretty hectic around here this week, so please excuse the dust and lack of posts. I haven’t had time to write anything let alone take pictures. Mel’s due… like, now… so we’re basically sitting here watching to see if her belly pops like a balloon.

I also sent the DSLR into the shop for repair, which leaves me (foolishly) without my primary camera for my son’s arrival. So here I am taking the best shots I can with the G11 but I doubt I can bring the whole lighting setup to the birthing room. Maybe they have their own – anyone know the colour temperature and power output of delivery room lights over at the Ottawa Civic Hospital? I’d rather not shoot over ISO 400… and lower is preferable with this thing.

This shot probably has more light than it needs, or maybe just enough considering the setup. Three lights in two sources; two PW’d speedlights in a 60″ umbrella camera left (1/2 power) and another at 1/2 power right at our feet behind a lastolite trigrip diffuser. All lights were triggered with PocketWizards.

5 thoughts on “Watchin U

  1. Me likes a lot! Quinn looks like he's (rightfully) questioning daddy's sanity.
    I see you're trying all your cool new toys. Want to play with toys too 🙂

  2. kim says:

    yes, questioning sanity for sure! Good luck with the next while. Even one post would be amazing… (3 kids… dude…)

  3. Fun! At least you are finding a fun way to pass the time waiting. Don't know anything about the delivery rooms had our kids at home, sorry can't help.

  4. Erinn says:

    Worry less about taking pictures, and enjoy your new sone being born! Tell a relative to bring a camera.

    Nice shot, btw. 🙂

  5. langford says:

    just saw your ottawa photo on spacing.ca! congrats man. that's a brilliant magazine.