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We worked pretty hard on the image above. Had them move, adjust, and straighten the ambulance in place. Set up our lights in and around the vehicle, then drafted someone to come and start the truck, to get the lights *going* for about 30 seconds as they ran out of the cab and ducked out […]

I have some editorial portrait photography stuff in the works, but while I wait on that to go to print I have another review out on Canonrumors.com. This one’s for the flashes, and if you know me, you know I *love* to flash people… ahem.

While I always try to shoot for the medium the images will be used in, sometimes I can’t help myself when a good portrait opportunity comes along. Ottawa Woman is newsprint, which means an excess of dark, or black, will smudge the paper (and fingers) around it. So it’s best to shoot lighter coloured, white, […]

You can catch even more me over at CanvasPop’s blog this week talking about protecting your images online (if you choose) don’t miss it! My friends at CanvasPop called me up a few months ago to take the product photographs for their upcoming Facebook print launch. They had tapped the Facebook API so that users […]

Part of the Mediastyle shoot was this small wall that, literally, popped out in areas, I couldn’t resist hitting it with some light and using it as a backdrop. I knew it needed to be simple, but effective, and I’d been itching to use the

Tristan his son Phoenix are currently fundraising for “Ride the Rideau” in support of Cancer Research. You can donate to them here & look for their article in an upcoming issue of Kitchissippi Times. Lighting it There are plenty of natural light photographers, the good ones can work in any conditions, but even they are […]

This is the kind of project I want to do more of. I had such a great time photographing the Ottawa Fringe team for their commerorative book, the first time they’ve done such a project. The producer at the Ottawa Fringe, Natalie, was introduced to me by showing up at my house one Photojam long […]

The monkey house has been of great support to this blog over the past few years, helping me customize the layout of my website and a lot of behind the scenes tinkering. I am grateful for the work, and it was only appropriate that, someday, they’d have a more extreme portrait taken for me to […]

I like the adventure, the thrill, the danger that it brings. I leave myself exposed and open – that’s right – I don’t use a UV filter to protect my lens glass. This is a controversial subject among “#phodo gear-heads, and I’ve read as many good reasons as bad as to the use of a […]

Maybe it’s not technical properties what make a compelling image.I love this shot, it’s grainy, blown out in both directions. But that leap Erin is taking into Will’s arms – it sums up their whole experience for me – joyous and trusting, it’s what a marriage should be.

Here’s my photo of the head table – look at it, I know some things stand out to you, then think about them – I want to hear your thoughts. See, I spent quite some time editing this image, or four images actually. It’s a composite of 3 groups, plus 1 for the background. The […]

Erin & Will – congratulations on gettin’ murried. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Erin & Will’s wedding this weekend. Despite all location scouting going to shit (it rained… then snowed!) I had planned some indoor contingencies and packed some big lights to take good portraits. This one, though, was a bit simpler. I […]

While living in Ottawa is pretty standard fare for a “major” city, we are fortunate to be very close to some lovely greenspace… or this time of year, orange and yellow space. The fam and I took a quick expedition to Gatineau Park last weekend to enjoy the last of the fall weather. Of course […]

When Mel and I first moved into the Hintonburg area in Ottawa, we only had a few restaurants that we knew about beforehand. With a preemie in the hospital, we were really always looking for comfort food – the familiar. That said, there wasn’t much variance in what we ate, and one of the places […]

The thought of acquiring more gear is always a positive one, after all, you can up your photographic hierarchy merely by making the purchase – no photographs need be taken. The gear-heads will praise you for what you have, no matter what, so if you appeal to those guys they’ll always compliment you in an […]

Been a crazy past few weeks, no time to post, barely time to turn on the computer, and even less time to photograph. This is one of the final selects from the shoot I did with Cheetah of The Adopted. I’ve worked with him before, along with guys from the band, here, and they were […]

Probably my last shot of the girls of Rockalily Ottawa. While my primary focus in photography is people and portraits – which usually denotes their face and eyes – I can’t help but notice other assets. For these girls their curves were certainly worth exploring, their comfort with each other and their involvement in the […]

Melissa was another willing victim subject at our Sunday studio session (alliteration win!). I came back from a lunch-meeting just in time to sneak into the shoot-in-progress and capture some portraits of this lovely young lady (7 weeks pregnant too!). If this shots looks really fuzzy it’s because I had a chance to use the […]

Another 1-light shot from fishing in Northern Ontario. This one’s of Mel’s cousin Annie (can you tell she’s had two kids? I can’t.)She’s, uh, holding onto my rod. Same premise as the shot from a few days ago, had a 580ex with the Lumiquest SBIII on top – this time I was able to use […]