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Another 1-light shot from fishing in Northern Ontario. This one’s of Mel’s cousin Annie (can you tell she’s had two kids? I can’t.)She’s, uh, holding onto my rod.

Same premise as the shot from a few days ago, had a 580ex with the Lumiquest SBIII on top – this time I was able to use the setting sun as balance in most of my images. Depending on the way we were facing, the sunset was either rim and the flash became key, or the flash was fill on one side as the sun was key to the other… though the one time I tried to get the flash as rim a slight bump almost sent my J-clamp into the drink (it with the 580exII with a PWII..hmmn, almost $1,000 right there), so I stopped clamping it to the side of the boat after that.

One thought on “Annie

  1. Navin Harish says:

    I like the colours and the composition of this shot. Very good