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Eden Revisited

Eden Revisited
I was very fortunate this week to have one my photos critiqued on the esteemed David DuChemin’s Within the Frame Podcast episode 6. He looked at a previous photo I had submitted to the Flickr group of Eden.

This is the sort of thing I need – I CRAVE it. Not the typical “this sucks” or “this is great” but why… and maybe you can’t quantify those things (I know I have great difficulty with it), but it’s why some of us need to have that done by a working pro. Someone who knows what they’re talking about.

And I truly believe David does. I recently read and finished his book and am definitely a fan. I am honoured that he chose my photo and all this critique does for me is make me CRAVE more, and do better.

update: you can watch the podcast directly here!

3 thoughts on “Eden Revisited

  1. Wayne C. says:

    I'm curious. What did your guru say about the last shot.
    I like this one better aesthetically. Human faces are compelling. Though the story is very cool with the last one. OK 12:50 a.m. so it's time to turn the computer off. (Yep I got this link from your midnight tweet).

  2. mykl says:

    personally, i think this pic is even better than the other one. its so lively. but im not a photocelebrity, so what does my opinion matter? 😛 haha

  3. No Shit! David duChemin chose one of my photos for Episode 7! I completely agree with you on craving the feedback. It can be a little tough to swallow sometimes…especially when you really like a photo but I was completely stoked that he took the time to talk about one of my images. Even though it was chosen for what it was lacking…