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Today I’ll be leading the Ottawa section of Scott Kelby’s worldwide photowalk. I’m really excited to be getting a bit more involved in the community in Ottawa, if for no other reason than I only know the people I work with and three guys who go out and get me drunk.

We’ve started a group landing page on Flickr, and I’ll be posting updates from Twitter.

Tonight’s photo was taken on my “test” walk – watched this gentleman fly his kite for a few minutes then approached him to question his methods (I was curious, not critiquing). After I slammed his kite into the ground a few times I asked if I could take his photo.

3 thoughts on “Flight

  1. Calusarus says:

    The use of a fishing rod is a clever idea, even for children

  2. mykl says:

    this is fucking fantastic. you have brightened my day. and it was pretty bight already.

  3. I've seen this guy up there as well.