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E&W Head Table

E&W Head Table
Here’s my photo of the head table – look at it, I know some things stand out to you, then think about them – I want to hear your thoughts.

See, I spent quite some time editing this image, or four images actually. It’s a composite of 3 groups, plus 1 for the background. The venue was so dark, that there was no way I’d get a “clean” image of the head table without adding lights. But instead of trying to blast it all at once, I photographed everyone in groups, with my light-stick silently moving along, illuminating my subjects.

The composite is super-obvious to me, but I spent an hour working on the image trying different ways – blending the background, trying to feather the white to purple balance. In the end I was able to isolate my favourite images of the wedding party, stick them all together, then slap them against the background. Photoshops new “Refine Edge” feature came in pretty handy here, as I think the masking job is pretty good.

All that said, I’ve spent too much time on the image, it’s all too obvious to me and I know exactly everything I’m looking at, every flaw. But that’s technical. What was your first impression? Do you like it? Did it seem “off” to you? Does the bride like it (I know you’re here!)? Leave a comment.

You can see a larger version of it on the flickr page.

7 thoughts on “E&W Head Table

  1. Erin Spencer says:

    The bride super likes!!! Great job with the picture.

  2. Chantale says:

    It is an awesome picture. Definetely a keeper!

  3. Christopher Dunn says:

    We are always harder on our own work. If you analyze it for a while I am sure things can be picked up, my no one is going to be doing that – the image "pops", which is what people are going to be looking at and commenting on. It is fantastically unique and unlike other wedding photos I have seen – and who wants their wedding photos to look like everyone else's? As long as the client is happy, then that is all that matters.

  4. Jason says:

    I, too, like this photo a lot. For me part of what makes it is the discussion happening at the end of the table on the bride side. It brings the photo to life. Good work!

  5. Christopher Dunn says:

    I concur with Jason. If everyone was looking straight ahead then I may have a different opinion of the photo. With the girls whispering, it makes it seem like she is saying something about why the guys at the other end of the table are laughing. It all works for me.

  6. Brad says:

    The only thing that standouts to me is that everyone has a harsh edge around their body — which I don't know if I would have noticed if you hadn't said it was a composite — the background and lights really grab your attention away from those little things..

  7. Linda Holmes says:

    I really like what you have done here with this picture – it does really pop when you first see it. First the colour of the back ground, then the bridesmaids and then your eye goes down the line. I know what it is like to work for ages on a photo and then only see the flaws when others can appreciate the pic for what it really is. I think it is a great skill to be able to step back from your work, still seeing what you think of as the flaws, but also seeing it for what it is. This pics tells a story and I hope that the bride and groom are really happy with it – I think its a great wedding table photo. Well done, I am loving your site and photos – thank you.