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It’s been a while since I’ve had any good pics of the kids – spending some time this weekend to make sure I do. If you haven’t put in a concerted effort into photographing the folks around who you love, I hope you do the same.

I REALLY want to go on a trip – and not just sit on a beach vegging (though that would be nice too) for a week – immersion, cultural, setting, the works.Spent a month in Thailand – wasn’t enough.Spent 2 and a half weeks in Iceland – not enough. I need more, I want to […]

It’s been an interesting week. Maybe not so much for me, but for those in Mumbai, or even Wal-Marts and Toys R Us’, it certainly has been trying. My sympathies to those affected by these disgusting, and tragic events.

Okay so not really the beach, I didn’t actually want to spend any time AT the beach because drunken teenagers were running around drinking. Am I getting old? As the prospect of getting wasted on a beach in front of the sunset is, in fact, appealing, taking a time out to chase seagulls and throw […]

Every time we stop at the The Log Cabin Restaurant I end up hopping off of the bus (if there’s light out) and snapping a few pictures in and around the parking lot.There’s really nowhere else to go around here, and if I venture too far I risk my bus taking off without me – […]

Lovely weekend to be sure, now if you all thought I’d post on Labour Day and showed up by clicking your bookmarks, remember to actually subscribe to blogs from now on. Note to those on medication; don’t forget it over long weekends – your brain will have baby-seizures.

“I could suck on a peach for hours.”I won’t really understand how Nick Cage saying that line is hot but apparently it is, so now when I see, eat, or say “peach” I think that quote.

I take the camera absolutely everywhere I go, I don’t care how long I’m going, or even what I think I “might” see; there’s always something that you haven’t seen before.For this shot, I was walking down the street to get my dry cleaning, nothing more than that, but I stopped and popped off a […]