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Mr Sandman

Mr Sandman
I REALLY want to go on a trip – and not just sit on a beach vegging (though that would be nice too) for a week – immersion, cultural, setting, the works.
Spent a month in Thailand – wasn’t enough.
Spent 2 and a half weeks in Iceland – not enough.

I need more, I want to go and do my own thing, by myself or like minded people. Can I do that with the family in tow? I hope so.

3 thoughts on “Mr Sandman

  1. k allan says:

    you can for sure do that with the whole family! south america? i know you've been to peru, right? try ecuador

  2. Come to Finland! ;D Very family friendly and there's quite a lot to see: Finnish city life in Helsinki, countryside, lakes and more lakes in Kuopio and surroundings and obviously Lapland.

  3. Calusarus says:

    What a strange snowman 🙂 A very nice idea