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The Adopted

The Adopted

Off to a late start on the blog am I? Whatever. I’ve been busy.

My very first gig, when I moved to Ottawa, was with the front-man for a band called The Adopted. We’ve gotten together a few times a year to hash out some ideas and do some band shots, which has seen us go from a skate park to the top of a roof.

This year I wanted to focus on a simpler setup. There have been a few changes to memebers of the band so I wanted to simply the shoot, keep it from being action-oriented and throwing the members into memorable scenes; I needed them to be memorable.

Admittedly, this was not the first attempt at this shoot, we had a different location we had worked at, but it was -11 or something and every frame came out predictable: they looked cold. We were able to work at Algonquin College over the Christmas break so the place was practically empty.

The lead photo here, I can only take a little credit for. I had Lee & Younes assisting me during the shoot and while they were slacking off scouting, they came up with a low shot using the grow-lights (for a 4 story living wall) as a sort of rock-star backdrop. While it seemed pretty bright, I still had to boost the ISO to get the combination of aperture (I wanted star-bursts on the lights) and shutter speed so they’d be sharp. We also dropped in a few speedlights behind them for rim – you can see the lighting info over on Flickr.

You can check out the Adopted over on their MySpace page.

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