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837 closed

837 closed
I’m not really “going” for anything here – this image should not represent my artistic intent or style. It’s just a grab-shot I took, liked, ran through Lightroom and Nik’s Colorefexpro and pooped out this image. And I like it.

I took this shot on Sommerset st. here in Ottawa, walking home after dropping Quinn off at the babysitters and about to spend my first full day with little Alex whom I desperately need to take more newborn photographs of, y’know, since I’m a photographer.

edit: some feedback suggested that I remove the distortion of the image created by the G11’s lens and straighten some lines. I don’t disagree, but I wanted to see if anyone has their own preference. You can view the “correct” version here.

One thought on “837 closed

  1. Mervi says:

    Actually I kinda like this slightly crooked and in every way "off" look here. It does fit the subject. But yeah, I can see why some wanted to "fix" it.

    And congrats on the expansion of your family! 😉