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Baby Point

Baby Point
So some people call it baby point (like it’s spelled; cute little babies), but others say “Bah-Bee point”. What the fuck’s a bah-bee?

Anyway, this is “the big weekend” the first time since I was 13 that I haven’t had to work over the Christmas season. What’s more is I now have the entire week (read it!) off. You mean I don’t have to work on Boxing Day? Hallelujah! Jesus really was born this time of year.

3 thoughts on “Baby Point

  1. David Little says:

    Get over it JVL …that's the name Bah Bee …get the Point…a bah bee is pretty much what I think of the profanity in your own comments …have a great Christmas…the old curmudgeon

  2. christina says:

    Happy Holiday's JVL. Look forward to seeing you sometime this week.

    Like the perspective on this one. You are improving.

  3. Cheers Justin, Merry Christmas says:

    Bah Bee point comes from the way some people pronounce grandmother in Ukrainian or Polish. That area was/is highly populated by eastern Europeans and the Baby Point lounge was used by all the locals, Uki's and Pol's, for large events.