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Kari’s been making necklaces a lot lately, she makes some pretty nice stuff (or so I’m told), and she’s started to sell them too. If you want a sample, or want to buy something, you can comment on this post and I’ll forward your email address to her. They could make a good present for Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Beads

  1. Brad says:

    I thought these were jelly beans at first and got real excited. Sweet shot… you have any where you're in closer with none of that shite on the sides?

  2. P.J. says:

    Beaded necklaces are really cool when done right. I had one years ago with the colors of my softball team with the small details. Of course I wrecked it in the shower once time, but it's all good. lol.

    Interesting photo. You captured the amount of beads well!

  3. christina says:

    pretty colours…

  4. Mary Ann Iman says:

    Beautiful!! (I LOVE BEADS)I am trying to collect enough Beads and Findings to start making beaded jewery and odds & ends. I love all the colors you were able to capture in this photo. If you happen to have any odd & end samples or freebees, I'm not shy. Thank you.
    Mary Ann Iman
    215 Lake Blvd. Suite 560
    Redding, CA 96003