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Meet Bill Bitz – landscaper for hire – does good work for your properties with Bytowne Lawn Experts. But here, on this day (Wednesday as it was) he’s doing his charity work at the Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor’s Park. Touched by cancer himself, Bill comes to clean up and weed the property once a week during the summer.

“What’s good for the grass is good for the weeds” he told me. Too true, it’s been crazy raining around here this year and the ground we were walking on was just giving under our weight, felt like we were in the forest of despair. I want to catch up to Bill again sometime, he has a face that exudes knowledge, kindness, and just caught the light in wonderful and unexpected ways.

Lit this with my favourite one-light rig: a Lastolite Ezybox with Hot Shoe, 580EXII PW’d(the synch speed is up past 1/250th thanks to the new MiniTT1 transmitter working lighting voodoo on things), though I’m close enough I maybe could have used the OC-E3 extension… maybe, but Canon makes those things wicked short, and I’m more likely to pull the whole rig down on me when attached like that.

These things are magical by the way, the Lastolite boxes,of course I heard about it from McNally; the guy’s books and blogs are like a shopping list for me. And for once the prices of the Lastolite stuff at the local dealer don’t make me want to sell crack cheap labour to subsidize the purchase.

2 thoughts on “Bitz

  1. Erinn says:

    Great shot, J. The lighting on his face brings out the lines, etc. in a flattering way that shows cgaracter. Well done.

  2. You've got a great knack for portraits.