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By any other name

By any other name
What’s in a name? Or furthermore, a title? There’s been a lot of chatter over this at PixelatedImage and the need to dispel these meanings we attribute to words, titles, and even appearances that just aren’t true.

When I walk around with my main camera, the 1DMKII, I get a lot of stares and a lot of “nice camera” or “good camera” and while they’re right, and I thank them for the compliment, I’m cynical enough to immediately think that the camera doesn’t matter, they don’t know; the photo that eventually comes out of it is what matters.

I am not a professional photographer.
Or am I? Am I a photographer at all? I take photographs, I take photos for money, I take photos for fun. I’m a fundraiser, I fundraise as a job, I fundraise as a volunteer. I’m a father – this I do for no money, and just for the love.

What I’m trying to allude to, albeit vaguely, is that it doesn’t MATTER if I’m a photographer, just if you like my photos. And it doesn’t MATTER if I’m a fundraiser, just that I do my job well enough that I can help facilitate donations into services, research and cancer patients who need them.

To that end, it doesn’t matter what my camera is, I have a pro-level body… that’s 5 years too old in a world that likes the latest shiny things. But I’m going to rock it until it’s broken, and if I show up for a shoot with my G11 I’m only going to do so because that’s the best tool for the job [note: it probably isn’t, but it can DO the job]. Appearances and labels mean very little to the final product, but often you need both to just to get the opportunity. It’s the politic of appearance.

2 thoughts on “By any other name

  1. faisal says:

    i see you love the new g11. nice vignetting on this one. kick ass.

  2. Nicole says:

    Love this shot!!