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It’s not often that I make an unintentional cameo in my photos, indeed, I can only think of one previously.

It’s difficult to go out and take photos of “just anything” when you’re uninspired and, even more so, topped up on stress and bottomed out on sleep. But today I took it upon myself to do a few things to help me out professionally and creatively.

  • I didn’t go into the office for more than an hour
  • I did more work in the hours leading up to lunch than I often accomplish in a day – by focusing on a single task
  • I took inspiration with me, not from the “pro’s” but from someone starting out.

    Why take the time to look at a total NOOB’s photos? Because they’re worthwhile and inspired – far more than many of my own images lately (read: you won’t see them here).

    Do you remember when you first got your camera? Holding it up to your eye? depressing the shutter release at whatever random thing you saw nearby?

    Did you take it for a walk and point it at the ground, at the sky, at trees and squirrels without any real regard to aperture, shutter, ISO, or exposure of any sort? Was that new camera giving you new eyes? do you remember when EVERYTHING was a good photo, instead of nothing? I do – but I certainly don’t practice it anymore.

    Today’s assignment was to walk around, and take the photos I’ve so quickly forgotten how to take. The things that anyone new to photography would shoot, but anyone having shot for a while might ignore or make excuses as to why they can’t shoot it.

    “There’s too much contrast in the scene,” “I don’t do abstracts,” “It’s been done before,” or just plain NOT SEEING it.

    I’ve been spending a lot of time on Flickr and Twitter doing my best to offer honest feedback and critique to those who want it (and some who don’t), it helps them improve some technical aspects of their craft while I get a chance to see what those “new eyes” see, it reminds me, and then I’m inspired again to go out and see things for myself – new.

    7 thoughts on “Cameo

    1. mykl says:

      im glad you wrote this post, because sometimes you seem so pushy about things being so perfect, but there are people like me who just want to end up with the best pictures they can, not aim to create the best pictures, if you understand. its more enjoyable to have fun than to be so focused on being perfect that its no longer enjoyable

    2. Thanks Mykle; I have higher expectations for you is all 😉

      Sorry I come off as pushy – though I think the two go hand in hand, not everyone is as driven to perfection or even a "higher" goal. Those who are, I'm sure, will ask first I should assume.

      Enjoy the making of images first – the rest will follow.

    3. faisal says:

      kick ass! this is brilliant.

    4. Holly says:

      I stay fresh by doing a 30 in 30 session. 30 frames 30 minutes. No editing, no deleting, no more than 30 frames, no less.

    5. Chris says:

      Stunning composition. I know what you mean about the camera giving you new eyes as well – I think I might still be in that initial "beginners" phase, as I've only been shooting for a little over a year now. Still see compositions everywhere – hopefully that never goes away.

    6. Calusarus says:

      Splendid vivid colors…

    7. rhys says:

      colour, composition, rhythm- its got'em all. Reminds me a little of the paintings by Peter Halley.