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Dead in the middle of Little Italy

Dead in the middle of Little Italy
Can you finish the lyrics?

Seems that the construction on Preston Street here in Ottawa has finally finished – it’s been about three years – longer than I’ve been living here. Apparently, like icing on the cake… no, icing is the asphalt… maybe like those little sugar roses that nobody likes; anyways, like those things, they’ve topped the construction of with this tacky sign across the Queensway overpass. Yes, in answer to your question, they are on both sides!

I think all they need to really add the authentic Italian feeling is to cover those letters up with plastic – like a couch – keeps ’em from getting dirty!

One thought on “Dead in the middle of Little Italy

  1. mykl says:

    its like moving into a brand new house and taking a crap near the front door!

    still, i kind of like it, due to its complete awfulness!