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Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover
I’m dying to get out and take some photos, I believe a roam is in order today.

You’ll notice the site change (unless you’re reading this through a feed, in which case I’ve just made your photos bigger) it’s all thanks to Pixelpost 1.6 – first class from now on kids.

4 thoughts on “Duck and Cover

  1. Brad says:

    Oh man, you too with the comments section doing the moving thing… i HATE that. Also – "JVL's specs" is cutoff halfway through the letters.

  2. JVL says:

    Hmmmn, I see that – looks like an IE7 problem (there's still someone not using Firefox?). Anyone else have the title cut off?

    I found changing the viewing percentage gave different results.

  3. stjohn says:

    photo has lovely clours.